Abandoned bodies

“The idea came to me while I was listening to a news item on the radio. Abducted in a wood, the body of a jogger was found half-burned. I tried to re-interpret this sordid event through a new series of photos. I put my shoes into a man walking through the lush Jura countryside or the beach who suddenly finds himself face-to-face nose with an abandoned body. As if the murderer wanted to get rid of it by throwing him out of his car in a hurry or throwing him against a branch.

I found it interesting to create this series because the inertia that comes out of it is a counter-weight to my moving series. In fact, it is from these two opposing universes that came the title of my book, BATTLE, and also the title of my installation, BATTLEFIELDS.

Exhibited in Paris and Arles, I present large prints of 2 meters high, cut out and glued directly to the walls with, in the middle of the space, the accessories used for these photos, as if the Warriors had momentarily laid down their arms.”