Amazons 1

“I began my career as a fashion and advertising photographer with a style  asserted around the movement. Very quickly, I felt like mixing that fascination for the female nude movement, as part of a personal project: AMAZONS.

The big difference with fashion photography is that with this project, I was able to go straight to the point. Here, no makeup, no tricks. Straight to the point. Only nudity and  the immediacy of the moment. This impression of a real captured on the spot manifests itself through the sincerity of the emotions expressed and the energy of these expanding bodies. When the models I photograph naked interpret the poses I suggest to them, their brain is focused on one thing: how they’re going to fall back to the ground? This extreme attention paid to the present moment explains the power of these images. Quite instinctively, I have added to the bodies some various accessories, turning them into heroines. In amazones. Since then, the project AMAZONS has swarmed its battlefields in Paris, Arles, Reims and the Jura.

The choice to photograph the models in black and white with a camera silver film has become an evidence. Just like to photograph them in studio: warmth, comfort, space, feeling and time are part of the freedom I need to work. It is in these places of creativity that the most beautiful surprises arise.”