Confinement [Paris]

“Paris, March 2020. France, like a large part of the planet, has closed in on itself. Life was suddenly suspended, the streets and squares were deserted. Cafes, restaurants, theatres, cinemas have been closed. Precautionary principle to prevent the spread of this mysterious coronavirus.

Paris, the city of light, the most visited city in the world, has emptied itself of its inhabitants and tourists at a surprising speed. The Seine, usually so crowded with barges and flyboats, has become a long quiet river. This emptiness was accompanied by a deafening silence. A silence that reigns supreme, only interrupted by the sirens of ambulances and police cars. People cross paths and change sidewalks. It’s like a science fiction movie.

As a photographer, I had the privilege of being able to go out and immortalize this apocalyptic atmosphere. I was able to explore every nook and cranny of Paris to show what I felt: a frozen city.”