“This project, like all my projects, was designed in black and white and silver. The Idea is simple and at the same time incongruous. I first went to a big appliance store to buy the equipment needed for this project: coffee maker, blender, whisk… I started by photographing one by one these utensils. I then developed the films and made contact sheets. Then, I drew on transparent paper the different objects in a square format (6cmx6cm), which I positioned in the viewfinder of my Hasselblad camera in the studio.

Once this setting was completed, I was able to photograph the model (naked and in studio, still) in positioning it according to what I saw in the viewfinder. A real exercise a tightrope walker! The third step consisted in inserting the films developed with the negatives accessories shot in an enlarger and make these prints look vintage look. Through this work of disproportionate superposition that mocks the consumer society, I show the fight of women to deconstruct the male domination. A hymn to the
possibility to reboot/reset the existing one.”