“After years of working in the studio to immortalize the AMAZONS, I
started to explore other horizons. While surfing on Internet, I stumbled upon a beach populated by majestic rocks in Normandy. I was immediately struck by the magic of this lunar place. The first time I went there, I immediately felt very comfortable. I selected the rocks that inspired me the most for my future images. But, when I went back later, I couldn’t find them!

At first disappointed, I understood the place, depending on the tides and light, was continually changing. I found it even more magical. Which also seduced me in this wild landscape is the resemblance between the perfection of the bodies I photograph and these weathered rocks by erosion. Both seem to be wrapped with a skin that makes them soft to the touch. I wanted to stage these bodies differently from what I had proposed in the studio, but with always, as a watermark, an idea of movement. The bodies are in direct contact with the rocks. I photographed them climbing the rocks, straddling them, as an attempt to tame the stone, using it to reign.

When we take pictures outdoors, we tend to focus on sunrise or sunset. A low sun on the horizon draws gentle lights on the faces. In my case, I preferred the daytime ones when the sun is at its zenith. I like that light crushes bodies and rocks, as if it were carving them out of marble.”